In search of the perfect casual Sunday brunch…

Having recently moved here from Edmonton, we still haven’t found an ideal place to patronize for a cheap, good, and easy-to-get-to Sunday brunch in Vancouver.

Back in Edmonton, we would frequent B’s Diner which was a great hole-in-the-wall.  Bob, one of the owners, would tease customers, while Brenda would make sure the kitchen put out great food.  The place held about 20 people, tops, with a serve-yourself policy for coffee refills.  In fact, if you got up to refill your mug, you’d usually do the rounds and offer others top-ups too.  Food was super good, huge portions, and everyone was friendly.  They also gave back to the community by offering a free soup and sandwich lunch to anyone who dropped by on Wednesday (a lot of less-fortunate people in Edmonton benefited from this generosity).

We’ve tried a few places around Vancouver: Bon’s Off Broadway was a slow, attitude-filled disaster (though, I suppose, what can you expect from a $2.95 breakfast special).  The Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe on Cambie was good, though pricier than we’d like.  We had more luck with the Victoria Restaurant (near 49th Ave), a typical “Chinese Cafe” which looks like it’s been the same since the 1940’s.  Art’s Diner in Kerrisdale was also pretty good, with fantastic service to help offset its distance from home.

Still searching though…

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