Fruit-Freezing Spectacular!

Elaine and I are lucky enough to have a pair of fruit trees in our back yard: a peach tree and a plum tree.  Here’s a picture of the peach tree.


At any rate, it’s that time of year when the fruit is ripening, and you can actually smell the peaches as you walk by the tree.  Trust me, until you have eaten a peach that got to ripen on the tree, you’ve never had a peach!  I should say, actually, that you could have smelled the peaches up until this morning.  That’s because I’ve picked them all, sliced them up, and frozen them.  I saved enough of the peaches to enjoy eating fresh, but it will be great to have the frozen ones throughout the year; ripe fruit simply doesn’t last long.  The peach tree itself is not long for this world, so there really weren’t that many peaches; but the plum tree is another story.  I picked and prepared 10kg (22lbs) of blue plums, and the tree doesn’t look any different!  I would bet that there is another 30-40kg on it.  Here’s a look at just one of its branches:


It took most of the morning to pit all of the fruit, halving the plums and slicing the peaches, but it was worth it.  Here’s the haul:


It’s in the chest freezer now.  The peach slices are on layers of waxed paper so that I will be able to bag them up after they are frozen.  That way, they won’t all be frozen together when we want to use a few.

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