Fruit Hunters*

A week or so ago, Chris and I were driving back from a shopping expedition (searching for 1L and 1.5L mason jars all over Vancouver).  We made a wrong turn in Richmond and found ourselves on a side street in an industrial service area.  On one side of the road, near the new Canada Line tracks, we found a whole block’s length of chain-link fencing covered in blackberries.

We stopped, grabbed some of the new, empty jars from the boxes in the trunk, and went to town!  Luckily we were both wearing dark jeans and t-shirts that day.


We filled five jars – about 4 kilos of blackberries.  Awesome.  There were tons more, but the rain started to pick up.  Wash, dried, and froze these… the future of these blackberries is still TBA at this point.

(*post title inspired by The Fruit Hunters by Adam Gollner – a very good read!)

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