Whilst sick – read!

I’m in the throws of one of the biggest colds I can remember having in quite a long time.  It starting on Friday, and really got bad on the weekend.  While I was feeling energetic enough to go shopping and run errands on Saturday, by Sunday I was a lump, and now I’m forcing myself to eat (!).

Taking  a few days sick does give me plenty of time to read in bed though – and I just finished The Saucier’s Apprentice by Bob Spitz which was okay.  Not great, as my VPL copy had strange censored words throughout, and the story itself while very well written, is a rather disheartening mid-life crisis by a very wealthy man who doesn’t seem to realize how good he’s got it.  I mean, come on – you’re in Tuscany at a cooking school – stop complaining!  You could be working in, say, a box factory, or doing much worse off for yourself!  Geesh.

Still going to be “in Europe” for my next book – David Lebovitz’ “Sweet Life in Paris”… hope it’s better than the last!

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