5 (or 4) month mark

It’s been 5 months since we’ve started paying rent in this house in Vancouver, but only 4 months since I’ve been living here.  I am happy with the house, very happy with its size, price and location, but I’m even happier now that we’ve done some clean up to the place!

Here is a list of everything we’ve done to the house – room-by-room:


Cleaned walls, took down curtain in closet, washed and took down regular curtains, properly installed the curtain rod (new curtains to come), took down creepy crucifix from inside closet wall, wash walls, washed windows, trimmed tree branches that were scratching the windows, made a headboard, installed a ceiling fan.


Took down curtain in closet, washed and took down regular curtains and stupid cafe rods (new blinds to come), removed useless dimmer-switch and replaced with proper light switch, washed windows, swapped lightbulbs to compact fluorescents.


Replaced broken door knob and eyehook latch with a proper locking doorknob, took down 3 random soap holders, replaced latch on window, replaced toilet bolts, installed new low-flow toilet parts with new seal, removed caulking from around tub and re-caulked entire tub (need to touch up floor and shower window still), scrubbed down tub, installed slip-proof stickers, replaced 7 lightbulbs to compact fluorescents, installed cabinet knobs on vanity, patched up hole in vanity floor, removed superfluous showerhead bar, replaced bath water nozzle.


Scrubbed down all walls, cleaned windows, removed ugly curtain and put up new hand-made curtains, installed new light fixture, replaced other bulbs with compact fluorescents, threw out junk from pantry, laid vinyl tiles in pantry floor, installed shelves in pantry, washed out fridge.

Dining Room

Scrubbed down walls, cleaned windows, removed huge ugly curtain and giant curtain rod and put up new hand-made curtain to match the kitchen, replaced stupid “chandelier” with modern light fixture, replaced dimmer switch with regular light switch.

Living Room

Scrubbed down walls, cleaned windows, rewired the cable TV plugs, replaced window latches, fixed the curtain rod and rehung curtains properly, removed melted wax from carpet.

Front Entrance & Hall

Replaced ugly light with modern light fixture (to match dining room), stuck peeling wallpaper back on wall, cleaned hallway closet doors, replaced lightbulbs with compact fluorescents, vacuumed dead bugs and cobwebs from cracked wall, took down creepy urn painting, removed heavy ceramic light switch plate cover and installed matching plate instead, removed crazy lightcatcher from front door, and the dozens of hooks from front porch.

Basement – living area

Removed window sticker “art”, removed ugly curtains and track – replaced with double-layered curtain rod for sheers and curtain, replaced other curtain rod and installed curtains correctly, removed ridiculous foam ceiling tiles (and cleaned up the mouse poop and nests (!) that were above them, rewired cable TV plug, cleaned out trash from under-the-stairs crawl space, washed doors, installed ceiling light and replaced lightbulbs with compact fluorescents.

Basement – workshop/laundry area

Moved 2nd fridge to corner and threw out old jam that was stored there (gross!), cleaned up garden bench and workshop bench, installed fluorescent ceiling light over laundry area, took down in-door clothesline, replaced furnace filter (first time in who knows how long!), replaced lightbulbs with compact fluorescents, insulated door frame, installed proper garden tool rack, got rid of creepy fairy magnets and macrame wall hanging.  (More is needed in this room, but it’s a start!)

Back & Front Yards

Replaced lightbulbs with compact fluorescents, trimmed back lilac trees, fixed bent hedge, pulled weeds from front yard, yanked ivy out of choking the hedge, pruned trees and shrubs along paths, removed trash from under deck, did serious wasp-control, installed our composter (still need to get rid of the creepy make-shift composter garbage can they previously used that is filled to the brim with old organic mater and rain water), got rid of more creepy light catchers and garden statues, installed solar garden lights along front and back steps, brought old propane tank to recycling depot, reinforced fence with brick where dog could harass neighbors.

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