Just came home from an excellent, decadent, “will remember this forever” meal at Tojo’s.  While this is not the sort of place we’d be able to afford given our simple living standards, we enjoyed a blow-out experience thanks to our very good, and very generous, friends.

Starting with a bottle of artisanal sake (which was so smooth, I found myself forgetting that I was on cold medication, and was surprised when a second bottle came to the table to replace the first large empty one), we enjoyed some of the best marinated tuna sashimi I’ve ever had.  This was quickly followed by a huge oyster-shell dish of salmon sashimi, tai (sea bream) sashimi, and tuna tataki.  We then enjoyed not one, but two rounds of delicious Magnum PI temaki where the sweet shrimp, geoduck and crab was paired with incredibly crisp and flavourful nori.

Next came unagi and uni nigiri sushi, spicy tuna rolls and Golden Roll which were fantastic.  And then a creation that was devised jointly by our host and Hidekazu Tojo himself:  a collar-type sushi with chopped scallop, tobiko and tempura bits, topped with a raw quail egg – a melt in your mouth richness that was so texturally perfect.  I was fortunate enough to get to have two.

Plum wine, apple sorbet with sesame cracker and a black sesame panacotta were served as desert.

Beautiful, amazing, and “boy aren’t we lucky!” Even got a little souvenir to remember this incredible meal.

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One Response to Tojo’s

  1. Photos Elaine!!! Where are the photos to this delicious dinner you enjoyed?! Lucky girl!! I’ve tried his sushi rolls before, but that’s it.

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