Irish Heather LTS

We were happy to join food bloggers and other Vancouverites for dinner tonight at the Irish Heather restaurant in Gastown for their Long Table Series.

We enjoyed a smoked pork chop with bacon-braised cabbage, potatoes and a roasted apple & raisin gastrique (with onions that had been smoked over alder wood chips), and a cold pint of Orchard Hill cider.  We also added on a small lemon trifle for desert, for an additional cost.

The flavour combinations worked very well – the pork was smokey, but the gastrique was even smokier, and tasty (even despite rehydrated raisins, which I generally find yucky).  The bed of cabbage was excellent – playing off the stronger flavours of the dish with some subtle earthiness.  The fries were like very good Macdonals fries, and I was especially happy with the dressed watercrest that came as garnish.  My plate is pictured, but poor Chris got a substantially smaller serving – and while I understand it’s kind of a logistical nightmare serving about 50 people all at once, food could have also been hotter.  The cider was good, fizzy and not too sweet.  The lemon trifle was really nice, but not super identifiable as a trifle – the lemon curd and cake were really uniform, and the whipped cream was nice, and, unexpectedly dotted with bits of coconut.

I’d be curious to return for another meal – I bet these guys make an awesome bacon cheeseburger.  I’m surprised not to see a salad main on their menu given how well the veggies were executed!

The best part of dinner was getting to meet some new people, and being able now to put faces to blog posts from Kim and Mijune!  Props to Michelle for pitching her blog so well – I’m adding it to my Google reader too!

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