Lemon blackberry yogurt muffins

Knowing we had some older balkan yogurt left over in the fridge, a lemon that would be mostly used in the Ceasar salad that we were planning to have for dinner, and blackberries in the freezer from our summer adventures, these sounded like the makings of pretty darn good muffins.

Yes, I put my camera into a 400-degree oven for this mid-baked picture!

I used this recipe, chosen randomly from the interwebs*, substituting the full-fat yogurt for the sour cream, and adding the zest of 1 lemon to the dry ingredients.  I didn’t bother thawing the berries – threw them in whole.  Oh, and I have no clue what 11 ounces should look like, so I just put in about a cup, with a few reserved for decorating the tops.

17 minutes later there were fully baked, with a nice golden brown colour, and the berries bursting – yum!  I now get to share my best tip for muffins with you – use a plastic take-out knife to pry the muffins from the tin when cooled – this helps ensure that you don’t scratch your non-stick bakeware!

*Another tip: I often put my recipe search in the hands of Google Images – this helps me choose a recipe I think looks good in addition to sounding good.

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One Response to Lemon blackberry yogurt muffins

  1. yogurt muffins are awesome, so moist.

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