Art’s Place – Kerrisdale

On a long detour this morning with the intention of going to Macdonal Park to let the dog play, we stopped by Art’s Place in Kerrisdale for some late breakfast.  We found this cute little place back when we first moved here in the summer, and hadn’t had the chance to come back for several months.

With a full ice cream shop (shoppe?) in the front, and cushy booths in the back, it’s got a nice old fashioned feel.

The only waitress there was so friendly and did a great job managing all the tables.  She had what I called “perfect economy of movement” which made Chris roll his eyes at me.

I ordered the Denver skillet – which was a combination of green and red peppers, onions and thinly sliced mushrooms, ham, hash browns and shredded cheddar (real cheese, not that fake processed slice) and scrambled eggs.  Everything was nicely cooked, though I wished the ingredients would have mixed together a bit more.  Toast and coffee rounded out my meal.

Chris had the corned beef hash with eggs over easy.  Heavily spiced, the corned beef had a strong clove/mace flavour (which could be considered a good thing for some), the eggs were well cooked but to me, it seemed like they were cooked on a very slick surface as they had absolutely no browned bits.  Ignore the hand dipping into the picture – someone wasn’t patient enough to let me take a picture first!

At about $8 per person (plus coffee), this is a great price for breakfast in our books.  Tip the waitress heavily – she’s awesome!
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