Ganache Patisserie

Exploring Vancouver is one of our favourite weekend hobbies. With a quick Skytrain ride, we’re off checking out neat shops, restaurants and cafes.

This past weekend (the last one before the hordes invade!) we got to Yaletown and visited Ganache Patisserie intent on trying macaroons.  We purchased a little box of 9 macaroons, prettily packaged, for about $6.  This included 2 lemon, 2 strawberry/vanilla, 2 coffee, and 3 chocolate each light as air, and about the diameter of a twoonie.  The outsides were crisp, almost eggshell thin, with a very sweet, chewy texture on the inside.  The pastry cream was only noticeable in the strawberry one as it had a vanilla cream sandwiched between the two cookies.  I felt that the coffee ones were the best – their flavour was very well matched to the macaroon – almost like a cappuccino foam!   The lemon were a bit too mild to identify at first – I thought they would be vanilla given their golden colour.  The chocolate were very good, the cocoa flavour was present, and the chewy texture worked very well for this one.  The strawberry/vanilla one was good, but I’m not often a fan of strawberry flavoured things…

I forgot my camera that day, but was able to hold on to one precious macaroon in order to document it!

Yes, I am blogging about pastry at work.

I also picked up a small bag of caramels – which, for $7 was calling to me from their cookie shelf.  These are very soft, with two kinds: a pale, almost lemony-flavoured butterscotch-like caramel, and a darker one which reminds me of delicious molasses taffy.

Excuse the crinkly bag - this has been in my purse for 2 days!

Pastry Chef Peter Fong was behind the counter when we visited, and while we chose to take our goodies to go, he offered us our choice from the little treats found by the cash.  We each chose the truffles which were incredible (rich, chocolaty and dense, with a very smooth texture: worth buying something in the shop alone!) but restrained ourselves from going in for one of the pate de fruits, or thin crispy biscuits.  I will definitely be back!

Ganache Patisserie on Urbanspoon

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