Eating @ SFU (Ichibankan Express) – Part 2

Back in Edmonton – I had the good fortune to find work at a non-profit student organization that was first located above one of the best, hippest, independent coffee shops in town, and steps away from a very good Japanese restaurant which I would frequent for lunch.

When we decided to move our office, we had a standard to uphold!  We chose a great venue in a heritage building over one of the most storied and notorious bars in Edmonton, conveniently located at the downtown post of the same Japanese Restaurant.

I guess this is what draws me back to Icihbankan Express so often – it’s a natural rhythm to seek out Spicy Tuna Roll for lunch!

Spicy Tuna ($3) & California Roll w. Tobiko ($3)

This cold-case combo cost me $6 (plus GST now – for shame!).  Edmonton cost for a maki combo (with 6 much smaller spicy tuna rolls, 6 kappa maki, and 2 pieces of Dynamite roll) was $10.   I am happy to  sacrifice a bit of quality and a mediocre bowl of miso soup for the difference in price.

I know you can only expect so much from an express sushi place, but I do wish that the consistency of the rice were a bit better – it is sometimes a bit too tough for my liking.  Nonetheless, $6.30 for a big lunch is decent.  Oh, and I am glad that they support recycling of their plastic service items – they’re the only ones on campus!

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