Olympic craziness – Saskatchewan Pavilion

On Saturday February 20th, we along with what seemed to be the rest of the world, decided to go out in the beautiful weather and visit some of the houses representing different countries and provinces/territories.

I cleverly printed off the map and summaries of the various pavilions from this website (which did require some tinkering – it’s not a perfect Google Map)

Our first stop: Saskatchewan Pavilion!

Location: Located just steps away from Main Street/Science World station, the pavilion is the big inflatable sphere.

Lineup time: At 11:20 AM it took us about 15 minutes.  There’s an ecohouse you can check out nearby and a Right to Play tent that’s pretty close too (good to switch off on while your line-mate holds your place) 🙂

Saskatchewan Pavilion - the dome on the right

What’s Inside? Inside the dome is a series of displays by various ministries and groups in the province.  There was samples of uranium and tar sands which you don’t get to see everyday, and a grain growing kiosk where they seemed to be giving away cooking magazines which featured Saskatchewan-grown pulses (e.g. lentils).  There’s some kind of green-screen photo thing that would be appealing to kids.  Small, but friendly – just like Saskatchewan!

As you exit the dome (through a crazy small turnstile door!) you can next go into the large tent where there’s food being served (including Old Dutch chips which are apparently from Winnipeg originally – go figure – and some Saskatoon berry tarts).
The tent offers beer (primarily Pilsner) and a huge screen where men’s alpine skiing was being shown.  Smaller TVs were showing ski jumping.

There was a Rough Ridders table that was unmanned, and a few other tourism tables. The Mounties which were in full regalia there were being very patient, taking dozens of pictures with tourists – they’re so nice!  The small tables and comfy tall chairs allowed for lots of seating area.  The sound was good in the tent too, and the TV placement was well thought out.

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