Olympics Craziness – Ontario House

Next stop: Ontario House!

Location: Keep walking past the Saskatchewan Pavilion towards the Edgwater Casino, and you’ll see a string-covered venue with a long line in front of it.

Lineup time: At noon – depends!  If you want to see the movie, you’ll have to line up (there’s a 50-seat theatre for a 6-minute movie – yikes!) – they were estimating 1 hour.  For the house itself, which we decided was what we wanted to see anyways, NO LINE UP!  Awesome!

How cool is this house – it looks fantastic!

Inside is a large room divided into three sections – by the bar & food service area, you’ll see an art installation called “Waterfall” which is made of reclaimed plastic recyclables.

On the opposite side is a technical display where your brain supposedly can control the lights on three major sites in Ontario (the CN tower, Niagara Falls, and the Parliament building) – the images are deceiving though as they were showing night illuminations in the main screen and the daylight (real time) in a corner picture-in-picture.  I’m… skeptical.

Another tech thing they had were these responsive projected games – these kids were really into the air hockey – other touch-screen games were around too in the middle section of the house, and some of the computer kiosks showed tourist information about Ontario.  Other tourist movies were being projected on the walls in the middle part of the house.

While we didn’t stay to enjoy some of the micro brewery drafts or the food (which looked pretty darn good), we did enjoy the 3D tv’s they had over the bar space.  They were showing a bus tour of downtown Toronto – it was a subtle but very neat effect.

We returned to Ontario house on Sunday evening in hopes to catch the Canada-USA hockey game, but the lineups were quite busy.  I understand that they were limiting access to only of-age guests during the full house.  They were projecting the game on the outside of the building, and the sound was pretty good, but with the sun setting and the strings in the way (plus lots of tall people deciding to stand in front of the sitting crowds) we only stayed to watch Kristina Groves win silver in the 1,500 M in speed skating.  It was pretty neat to have the crowds clap & cheer all around us.

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