Olympics Craziness – CentrePlace Manitoba

Location: Near the main branch of the Vancouver Public Library, this is part of Vancouver LiveCity Downtown site (on Cambie, between W Georgia and Dunsmuir).

Lineup time: Early afternoon on a Saturday – about 1 hour to get into the LiveCity site.  After that, NO LINEUP, just walk right in to the Manitoba building.

We were able to chat with folks in the lineup (teaching Americans all about the rules of curling!), which helped pass the time in the lineup to LiveCity.  There was some weird “entertainment” provided, but the stilt-wearing “hockey guys” weren’t particularly impressive.  The security is very straighforward, just make sure to empty your pockets and put bags in their examination trays before walking through the metal detectors.

What’s Inside? So – I’m not sure if it’s a bilingual nod, but the CentrePlace is a funny name to me 🙂  The building itself was beautiful – we’d love to have this sort of laminated wood look in a future house if possible!

I didn’t take pictures inside for two reasons – first, it’s kind of small: the front section is dominated by a rotating television installation.  It’s neat, and gives a great impression of Manitoba through the 4 seasons.  Well done!

The second reason was that in the back of the pavilion, where they were showcasing the upcoming Canadian Museum for Human Rights there was a photo-taking activity which seemed to be a pay-per-picture event.  Nonetheless, the new museum looks like it will be amazing from its small-scale model, and it was nice to see so much positive promotion to help get beyond the shaky start and government-influenced changes it has seen in its creation.

Everyone at the pavilion was super nice, probably in great spirits because of Jon Montgomery‘s Gold medal from the previous night’s skeleton runs!

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