Olympics Craziness – “the rest”

While most of my visits for Olympic pavilions have been real treats, there have been some which have been underwhelming or lines too ridiculous to even bother 😦

First up Alberta House – located at the corner of  Robson & Beatty, this “house” is really only a restaurant.  It looks nice, and I do like the new font used for the Alberta logo, but other than a few pictures, there’s nothing to showcase Alberta to the public unless you’re willing to pay and eat.

New logo looks great!

Front of the restaurant

Back end of the restaurant

We were briefed on the situation by a very friendly staff person there.  They were handing out pins and zipper-pulls.  I’m glad that most of the giveaway items are useful and not just throwaway junk!

This, folks, is Quebec House it is located near the Saskatchewan Pavilion.  It’s huge from the outside with a prominent “Q” printed on the outside of the giant white cube tent.  On the inside – a stage, some tables, and this big undecorated building where their food services are located and a few TVs hung on the walls.  There is NOTHING to look at – not impressed.  Maybe efforts got diverted to the Place de la Francophonie on Granville Island?  We just walked right through.

Quebec House - dud.

Sochi House which is the location of the next winter games (hosted by Russia in the city of Sochi) has taken over Science World!  The house is supposedly pretty great, which I can only imagine, because the lineups are CRAZY!  You also have to lineup twice – once to get some kind of special pass, then to get into the house with your precious pass.  Who thinks of these things?

Sochi House

They did decorate the outside of the house quite well – unlike many other venues during the Olympics – the clock outside was pretty neat – I get a kick out of it (it looks so much like a hockey arena clock!)

They’ve also decorated the outside walls of the “Russky Dom” with large scale posters of their currently competing athletes which was pretty cool.  And they’ve brought many young musicians and singers with them to Vancouver 2010, what a great idea!  It’s been nice to have performers around, and even better to have them represent various countries!

Next up – what I would consider “the best” of the houses we visited…  Stay tuned!

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