Paying taxes has never been so sweet – Japadog + Cupcakes

I had to run errands today for work, including going straight to Revenue Canada to drop off our T4’s for my work’s employees (cutting it very close to the deadline – gulp!).  To celebrate what I hope was accurate accounting and a crapload of work, I was pleased to see a relatively short lineup at the Burrard & Pender Japadog location.

15 minute lineup - not bad!

Last time, I had a terimayo, so I decided that the other “gold standard” should be what I choose this time:

I went with the Okonomi hot dog, which has the same delicious and uber juicy korubata sausage, okonomiyaki sauce, some shredded cabbage, bonito flakes and mayo.  I added some wasabi mayo to mine too.


This baby was so good, I loved the wasabi mayo with this.  The sauces were delish, and the bonito flakes added a sweet smokiness to the dog.  I was tempted to order two japadogs, but good thing I didn’t… this was really filling!

It was quite fun to see how many tourists were queuing up for Japadog – the media coverage during the Olympics has really been huge for this little hot dog stand!  Even people on the buses would look and point 🙂

So, what to have after Japadog?  How about a Cupcake for desert!

Just a few blocks away on Robson & Denman is an outpost of Cupcakes, whose larger location in Kits I’ve enjoyed before.


Did I mention that I had to do all the T4’s and T4A’s by hand, manually inputting the 30 staff and volunteers into a form-fillable PDF that you cannot save?!!?

Sweet sweet reward for dealing with numbers

I chose the Buttercup, which, upon ordering, I found out was a staff favourite there.  It is described as “chocolate-vanilla marble cake with peanut butter butter cream [sic] topped with chocolate chips”.

I’d say it was more of a layer cake than marble, which made the top not quite merge with the bottom, but, really – who cares – this thing was DELICIOUS!  The peanut butter icing (which I’ve never had before) was sweet and light, definitely not thick – it’s peanut butter flavour wasn’t artificial, but it did remind me of pirate cookies filling!

Nom nom nom!

Did I mention that the Bookkeeper quit, and I had to redo all the “work” that had previously been done for these T4’s because prior to leaving, the Bookkeeper made all sorts of strange adjustments that weren’t documented at all?  I have no guilt for today’s tax-filing treat!

Yowza - 2%!

After that cupcake, I desperately needed some milk, so off to the Seven-11 across the road to get a small container to wash down the cupcakey goodness.

In other Japadog-related news, the awning is up for the upcoming store location.  Sign still says “Opening soon” and they’re still looking for employees – no official date re: grand opening (though the Gyudonya next door looks just about ready to open!)

Japadog (Burrard & Pender) on Urbanspoon Cupcakes on Urbanspoon
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4 Responses to Paying taxes has never been so sweet – Japadog + Cupcakes

  1. tia says:

    I love this post. cupcakes AND japadog both in one post 🙂 and OMG, doing all the t4s by hand… i do not envy u.

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