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Last night we went to the excellent K’NAAN and Tinariwen show at the beautiful Orpheum Theater as part of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad.  We were a bit rushed to find somewhere to eat nearby as we only got home around 5:30 PM, then had to trek out to downtown for our 8:00 PM start show.

Conveniently, located just around the corner near Seymore and Smithe streets is Viet Sub!

We had been here once before, during the summer, when we were exploring downtown for one of the first times.  We had a great lunch back then, and thought this would fit the bill nicely for a light, quick supper.  Given it’s location so near to the Robson/Granville nexus of Olympic craziness – this place must be making a killing right now!

Be warned – this is a very small restaurant with a tiny dining area.  There are a few tables outside too, but luckily we managed to snag a pair of the counter seats.  Chris went to order while I defended our much-sought-after chairs!

Pretty standard menu for a Bahn Mi shop, though do note that they have daily specials which add several more choices to their menu.  We didn’t even see them until after we had ordered – oops!

We started with an order of the salad rolls:

I wish they had a bit less disposable items here 😦  Not too cool to have to eat off of styrofoam in this day and age…  Anyhow, these were freshly made, and had a good quantity of shrimp in them (these are not halved lengthwise like the cheapskate rolls you get at T&T!) and the sauce was sweat and peanuty, but more satay-ish than hoisin based (though you could doctor it with the bottles of condiments on the sideboard).

We each also ordered “B7 BBQ Pork Sub”:

YUM!  These were pretty big – like maybe 10″ long, with bread that was just out of this world.  Light, airy, crispy and perfectly toasted.  It was just crisped enough to give it a great texture but it in no way fell apart into crumbs nor did it give your mouth the dreaded “Capt’n Crunch Syndrome”.

This blurry picture is supposed to give you a cross section of the sub:  very tender and juicy BBQ pork down at the bottom, nestled with the sauces, a few wedges of cucumber, then excellent and crisp pickled daikon and carrots, a good amount of raw onion (not too much to overpower the flavours), and finally cillantro and some awesome mayo-srircha sauce that they offer as a sub dressing on the side.  Perfectly balanced, I have nothing but great things to say about this sub!

This really hit the spot – filling but not heavy, and with a good dose of veggies (I think this is the only way I actually enjoy carrots).  And for under $5, that’s a great deal.

Viet Sub Vietnamese Cuisine on Urbanspoon

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