With all our wandering around downtown, we really worked up an appetite last Saturday.  When I start getting pretty hungry/starving, I get cranky, and that’s not good 😦  It also makes it difficult for me to decide on something to eat, and more often then not, I end up choosing something safe (e.g. Tim Horton’s) or something that I can just treat as fuel (e.g. fast food).

We were lucky to stumble upon Steamrollers at the corner of Hornby & Dunsmuir, which we had seen before, but weren’t too sure what they offered (after all, what the heck is a “steamed burrito”?).  We decided to go inside to check out the menu and this wonderfully upbeat staff person there told us all about what their specialties were and gave us samples of their “wet sauces”.  The mole and tortilla soup were definitely my favourites, though the green chile sauce sample was good too.  She won us over – we lined up for ordering.

#14 "Original wet" (mole) burrito and tortilla soup side

This was my meal: #14 “Original wet” burrito with beans, rice, lettuce and cheese inside (went for the standard “veggie” option), covered in mole, with guacamole and garlicy yogurt on top.  I also had a small bowl of their tortilla soup and a large chocolate milk.  Grand total: $13.86.

I LOVED the soup – it was thick and very rich in flavour, and the cheese was nice and sharp (as good cheese should be!) and didn’t melt right away into the soup.  I would have happily ordered just this and a side of extra tortilla chips had I known how tasty and filling this was.  The burrito itself was good, but I think that without meat, the filling got a bit tiring (as the beans, rice and lettuce were all pretty neutral in flavour), and the mole sauce, while good, was the only real flavour here.  I put on some of the hot sauce, which helped, but I think this was a burrito best geared towards having meat in it, or if something acidic like tomatoes or salsa were put into the veggie mix that would have provided some greater variation in flavour maybe.  As for the chocolate milk – delish as always! 😉

#16 "Frisco" with tortilla soup sauce

Chris ordered a more modest meal of the “Frisco” wet burrito with chicken ($9.75) which included the same mix of rice, beans and lettuce, but with the extra salsa, loads of tortilla chips, and the delicious tortilla soup, had lots of textural and flavour contrasts.  The hot sauce isn’t too spicy, so don’t be afraid of the amount that’s drizzled on here!  Chris also got a V8, which proves he had a healthier lunch – I love when there are lots of drink options!

The restaurant itself is huge for a fast-food style place.  The order counter is found halfway into the restaurant, with a large kitchen in obvious view of the dining area.  Long counters with stools are placed along the front of the restaurant – bleacher style, with a few TV’s to watch, in our case, the Canadian women’s curling team came head-to-head with the admirably loud Chinese women’s team with a 5-4 loss for us in the extra end!  Exciting!

One more note about Steamrollers:  I am very pleased to see that they use ceramic dishes and stainless steel cutlery for their “eat in” customers.  It is rare to find a place that relies on a large take-out business to choose the environmental option.  Good on you, Steamrollers – thank you!

Steamrollers on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Steamrollers

  1. Jennifer says:

    Great review! Steamrollers is my favourite take-out place in the city. I’ve been eating the Veggie Tommy Burrito (substituting the dairy with salsa) several times a week for years! I’m addicted. 🙂

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