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On the night of the first Canada-USA hockey game, we were somewhat unlucky in finding a place to watch the game with others.  We first tried Ontario House, but the lineup was crazy mad.  We could have sat outside to watch the game on the projection screen, but there were too many people starting to crowd the paths in front of us, which made it very hard to see.  We then walked all the way to Granville Island, which in itself was neat, but there too we weren’t able to find somewhere with the magic combinations of hockey game + sitting + food.  During our trek, we did get to hear the roar of the crowds gathered throughout Vancouver whenever Canada scored (and a more diminutive groan noise from the city when the US took a goal) – that alone was amazing and worth missing parts of the game.

We were about to abandon ship and head home on the 99 Broadway bus, when Chris spotted, through the windows of this sushi restaurant, the warm glow of TVs showing the game, and many available tables with oh-so-comfy looking chairs to rest our tired feet.  Nice!

We were warmly greeted by a waitress who offered us our choice of seats with pretty good views of the tvs they had tuned to the game.  We watched the recap of the second period during the intermission and perused the menus.  While the Sushi & Rolls group platter did tempt us, we realized this was probably intended for 4 people, not just 2.  So, instead we split a Sushi Combo and each also ordered some udon.

Sushi Combo A

Prior to our main orders arriving, we were offered a small dish of edamame, which was just perfect to snack on.  This plus the fragrant barley & green tea mix tided us over until our sushi arrived.  Everything was fresh and well prepared, with a more “traditional” ratio of fish to rice (e.g. thin long piece of fish topping on a small amount of rice).  I was daring and tried to eat the sushi properly, dabbing wasabi onto the sushi, then dipping it, fish first, into the soy sauce.  Chris, lucky man, got to have the California Handroll which looked particularly good with the real crab and smaller size which means it wasn’t packed with rice.  At just under $13 for this spread, it was a decent price.

Tempura Udon

Chris ordered the Nabeyaki Udon, which I didn’t take a picture of, but was apparently quite good.  It had some surprising ingredients like whole shrimp, and a few mussels.  He also liked how rich the broth was – either due to two or one very large egg.  I ordered the Tempura Udon, which I usually enjoy as two seperate dishes (e.g. not putting the tempura items into the soup at all).  With 3 shrimp instead of the customary 2, and some nicely cooked Kobacha squash and sweet potato for the veggies, I was quite happy with the crispy and light tempura (my pet peeve: carrots that look like the sweet potato, or impossible to eat tempura broccoli).  The udon was also good, with lots of chewy noodles, a good amount of greens from cabbage and lettuce, and a few pieces of “krab” to jazz up the clear broth.  After so much walking, this hit the spot.

Hurry Hard Canada!

The staff were very friendly and were quick to change the channel upon our request from ice dancing (meh) to the women’s curling match.  It was a good close game, but China took it in the end for a 6-5 victory over our team.  We decided to split a large Kirin beer while watching the game, and enjoyed the little orange segments that were provided along with the bill.   We’d definitely go back to this place.
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4 Responses to Toyo Sushi

  1. tia says:

    i’ve always wanted to try this place. thx for the review

  2. Toyo Sushi says:

    Hi, Thank-you for your kind words about our restaurant. Hope you don’t mind, but we’ve placed your comments on the review section of our website:

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