Hin Young Vietnamese Restaurant

On a rainy Thursday night, after having worked from home for most of the day (blast you, crazy sudden-winter!), neither Chris or I felt like cooking.  The looming pile of dishes also provided a good reason to go out for supper.  While we’ve been “good” about cooking at home for the past week, we were happy to go out to a neighbourhood joint we like: Hin Young.

Located about 15 blocks away, we got lazy and took the car.  We arrived to the warm restaurant and only one other customer was there who clearly had the same thoughts that we did: Pho!

I didn’t take pictures (sorry!) but imagine two steaming bowls of deliciously spiced mellow broth with delicate chewy rice noodles and a good amount of rare beef slowly cooking in the soup.  I got a small ($6.75) and Chris got a large ($7.75) – the small was pretty darn big itself.  We also split an order of the spring rolls which were filled with chewy noodles, wood ear mushrooms, and crab – yum! They were freshly fried and served with a sweet rice vinegar/nam pla sauce (though I prefer the hoisin sauce in squeeze bottles that are stored on the tables, myself).  An order of 2 spring rolls was $5.

In the past I’ve enjoyed their vermicelli bowls a great deal, and there’s a picture of a lemongrass pork chop with rice and a fried egg that calls to me each time I peruse their menu…  That’ll be for another time – soon!

Bubble tea is offered and is pretty good (way better than at Nishiki 2 doors down). “Chinese” tea is offered free of charge though, which is what we prefer to go with meals.  Warning: Cash only, though at these prices, you can raid the coin jar and have a very good meal!

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