One of our main breakfast places is Dockers, which is located on Fraser and 45th Avenue.  We discovered this place about 2 months after we moved to Vancouver, when we were having  a really hard time finding a new “regular” breakfast spot.  In Edmonton, we had many favourites, including a cute 50’s style diner called Route 99.  We wanted something similar to that where we could rely on good, hearty food, seeing the same servers week after week, and great coffee.

We were glad to have found (after many duds) Dockers, not too far away from our house.

Taken from Google Streetview

We must have come here at least a dozen times now in the past 6 months – usually for breakfasts, but a few time for dinner.  It’s always busy, but not packed, and we do in fact see the same waiters and waitresses around each time.

This most recent visit was again for breakfast.  After finding a little booth with chairs that are clearly retro original, I looked at the specials blackboard and found the Athenian Omelet on sale for $8.50.  While that’s only about $0.45 less than what it normally goes for on the menu, as a special, it also comes with toast.  I was in carb heaven!

Athenian Omelet

The omelet (or should I say omelette?) was filled with spinach, tomatoes and very melty feta.  I prefer my eggs cooked through, so I enjoyed the light brown edge to the omelet.  It wasn’t overcooked at all for those of you who like runnier eggs – no gross liquid seeping out from the eggs.  The hashbrowns are good, but nothing fancy.

Chris was clearly into the carbs too today as he ordered the Pancake Platter.  Coming in at around $10, this short stack with eggs and sausage fit the bill (though Chris did appreciate the piece of toast I shared with him for his eggs).  The sausages are grilled on the flat top, so they have a nice crisp side.  Their pancakes are well made, cooked all the way through, and very fluffy.

Pancake Platter - garnish already eaten

They play the oldies/easy listening station in the restaurant, and may have sports on silently on the TV (today they were showing Sledge Hockey from the Paralympics).  It’s definitely very casual – which I’ve appreciated when I’ve come here for comfort food while sick and looking terrible!  They also will stay open a bit late and even make food for folks who come in shortly after closing time – this is the kind of thing that makes a neighbourhood restaurant awesome.

And you can tell this place is the heart of the neighbourhood for many people, with many old timers, and families coming here as regulars.  I don’t think we’ve reached that level of familiarity yet (one waitress commented that a customer came 4  times for coffee the previous day!), but we visit often enough that we’re on the road to that stage…

Dockers on Urbanspoon

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