Eating @ SFU: The Ladle & Bubble World

I am bad about carrying cash with me.  And, because SFU is entirely Scotiabank, I have no interest in getting cash out.  I am lucky, however, that quite a few food service providers on campus take the dreaded credit card 🙂

For lunch today – I caved and found food in the student centre.  It’s not bad, but definitely more expensive than finding something in the Cornerstone building.

Small Veggie Thai Soup & Lychee Slush BBT

From the Bubble World, I picked up a Lychee Slush w. Coconut Jelly.  This cost $3.94 and is very well made.  They don’t overshake it, and it’s a good balance of ice to syrup/juice.  You can see that there’s a generous portion of the coconut jelly, which I like.  They are damn fast at making drinks too – which is appreciated.

I also got a soup & panini combo from The Ladle next door; the soup I chose (from their assortment of 6+) was Vegetarian Thai.  I’ve had this before, and it was surprisingly un-spicy, un-coconuty, and not salty compared to previous times.  It’s got lots of vegetables I normally hate (bamboo shoots, mini corn, carrots, celery – I guess I’m a dark-green veggie lover) but work well texturally in this soup.  With a bit of salt this worked well for me.

Grilled Panini (Panino?)

The combo ($7.95) came with a grilled panini – only one option available: lots of cheese, tomato, basil leaves, and mayo (??).  It tasted okay, but quite expensive in my opinion.  The Ladle is a vegetarian restaurant, so I know you couldn’t expect proscuitto or other delicious Italian meats, but some pesto instead of the mayo, or even a tapenade or sundried tomato spread would be better than mayo.    Even that roasted red pepper veggie spread that stains everything would be more authentic… If they offered more kinds, or options to customize, I think that would be nice.  But, they take plastic – which is what saved the day for me 🙂

Ladle (SFU) on Urbanspoon Bubble World (SFU) on Urbanspoon
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