Golden Swan

I’ve got company in town!  What a great opportunity to show off some of our great restaurant finds and have a good excuse to go out for nearly every meal in the coming week!

My brother’s flight landed in the earlier part of the morning on Saturday, so, what better way to kick off a “welcome to Vancouver” than with Dim Sum?  We hopped on the bus and go to Golden Swan at around 11:30 AM – the big “rush” time for this restaurant.

My “no lineups” luck wasn’t working too well this morning – we did have to wait about 15 minutes for a table, but we got an excellent spot very near the kitchen doors (a near guaranty of hot fresh food – and carts won’t make a turn before they get to your table – I hate when that happens!)  It is notable that Golden Swan still ascribes to the cart system – I do enjoy that better than the “order off the menu” method that many restaurants are employing… There’s something about the uncertainty of what will pass by you that I enjoy – and also makes your favourites all the better when they do come by!

Har Gow, Sui Mai

We started off with some Sui Mai and Har Gow – two staples of Dim Sum.  Golden Swan’s sizes are generous – these are big pieces!  The Har Gow noodle wrap is very thick though, not the translucent uber thin wrap you see in fancy places.  I am happy that the shrimp are nicely cleaned, not a bit of “sandy” texture here.  The Sui Mai were okay – a bit on the dense side, but not bad.  I’ve had better here before (and one time worse) – but s’okay.

Sticky Rice

Sticky Rice is one of my favourite items.  Normally I’ll have 2 and Chris’ll have 1.  I offered the 2nd one to my brother since he was the guest and doesn’t get to have Dim Sum often.  The rice has a good texture – not too sticky and never dry, but the fillings are what make these rock:  salted egg yolk, ground pork, bits of dark-meat chicken, shitake mushroom, and Chinese Sausage.  The lotus leaf isn’t only for show here – the rice does pick up some of the leaf’s fragrance – everything is good about this item!

Steamed beef meatball

Next up – steamed beef meatball.  I think I like this one, not so much for the dense, super-fine-ground beef, but rather for the accouterments of the bean-curd and getting to dip stuff in Worcestershire sauce.

Shanghai Steamed Dumpling

Finally – we got this “special” item which was being circulated on a tray by a waiter.  I enjoy the soft dough of the Shanghai steamed dumpling, but normally, the ground pork filling is (1) juicier, (2) spiked with more ginger, and (3) served hotter than the one we had.  I guess being showcased on a tray without the protection of a steamer basket or a metal cover will cool down a dumpling quickly.  Oh well.

David Ho's Seal of Approval!

All this cost under $25 – and I should point out that service was prompt and attentive.  The waiter pushing carts took the time to show us all the items (not just assume we didn’t like the feet and tongues – though we’re not fans to tell the truth!)  This was indeed a good start to a week-long Vancouver food-stravaganza:  Stay tuned for more!

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