Supreme Pizza

FLASHBACK!  What does one do before having company over?  Well, I clean like a mad person – from dusting, to laundry, vacuuming, sweeping outside, cleaning the bathroom, putting away dog toys, etc. etc. etc.  After 5 days of this, I was exhausted and wanted to wind down for a little bit before doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen.

Small = 10"

Ah yes – takeout pizza.  SO GOOD.  I have ordered from Supreme Pizza 2 other times – both involved having done an extraordinary amount of housework leading up to flopping down on the couch and putting my feet up while munching this delicious pan pizza.  I knew I wanted leftovers to cary me on the following day, so I got two small pizzas ($17.95).

Supreme Tropical

The first is a Supreme Tropical: capicolli, Canadian ham, lean ground beef (the dark clusters are the ground beef – almost mini meatballs), pineapple, cheese and tomato sauce.

Checkin' under the hood...

No fancy “leoparding” here – this is a pan pizza baby – chewy bready crust with a bit of a crispy base.  I find this kind of pizza comforting.

EXTREME CLOSEUP: Supreme Tropical

Here’s a cross-section of the Supreme Tropical.  The canned pineapple was hidden under the cheese, and the meats (other than the mini meat balls) were there too.  It looks like they sprinkle a bit of cheese right on the sauce to help everything stay in place.  I liked how the pineapple’s sweetness played against the very seasoned ground beef and the saltiness of the hams.  Good stuff.

Italian Special

Next up – the Italian Special.  This is what I would more traditionally order – a “delux” style pizza with both meat and veggies.  This pizza included hot pepperoni, salami, mushroom, green peppers, olives, cheese and tomato sauce.

EXTREME CLOSEUP: Italian Special

I actually didn’t notice any mushrooms on this pizza – but the rest still worked great together.  Green peppers still retained a bit of crunch but didn’t water down the sauce at all.  I love olives, and these black ones had a good briny taste – not bland at all like some black olives can be.

Refueled – I put the leftovers back into a box for future consumption – and got back to work.  No rest for the wicked!

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