Everyday, on my way to work, the bus loops around this nearly anonymous Japanese restaurant that is located in the building that circles Production Way/University skytrain station.

Somewhat surprisingly, it is open quite late into the night (M-F 11:00 – 8:30, Sat 12:00-8:30).  When I got there at about 4:30 PM on a weekday, the place was empty and they even had the menu backlight turned off.  I had intended to take my order to go, and decided this was best (rather than take pictures alone in the restaurant).

Very green, aqua and pink - threw off my WB

I ordered two rolls: a Spicy Tuna ($3.75) & a Chef’s Special ($5.50).  I always like hearing what the chef comes up with, and the combination of tempura yam and shrimp, avocado, smoked salmon, cucumber and a bit of lettuce in an inside-out roll sounded good to me.  They fresh-fried the yam and shrimp, which I appreciated (I’ve had enough cold tempura shrimp in dynamite rolls – yuck).  Anyhow, this was nicely presented, and dusted with some sesame seeds…

Well, some sesame seeds a a lot of sesame seed powder 😦  This caused the rolls to taste quite sweet, which I’m not big on.  Anyhow – how did the rest of this taste?  Well, looking at the picture above, you’d never think that the brown stuff in the right-side roll was spicy tuna, eh?  The sauce was strangely sweet, and almost teriyaki-ish, but still had some spiciness.  I’ve never had spicy tuna like this before  – I don’t know if anywhere else serves it this way – do you know?  I certainly prefer the “traditional” spicy tuna preparation.

EXTREME CLOSEUP - Chef's Special

As for the Chef’s Special – the flavours worked well together, but the stickiness of the rice and the moist ingredients caused the roll to be quite hard to eat.  Not only was the rice chewier than I’d like, but the nori was hard to bite through.  And because the Chef’s Special roll was the size of a futomaki, you had to attack it in a few bites.  I ended up leaving the rice and nori on a few of these and only ate the centre with chopsticks.

I’m certain this wasn’t their best – and perhaps there’s something I’m missing regarding the spicy tuna…

Sushi Kaku on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Sushikaku

  1. Henry says:

    Easy to get to since the skytrain stops at the Production Way/University station. The place is quite compact but the food tastes pretty good. I would recommend you to go there and try something that’s on the menu. Food wasn’t too complicated and everything was plain & simple and easy to eat. That’s how I like it.

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