Uncle Fatih’s Pizza

So it’s 6 PM after a long day at work, and I still have at least 30 minutes before I get home.  Lucky for me, I can grab a quick snack between switching from the skytrain to the bus on my commute home!

Uncle Fatih’s Pizza (note: it’s not “Faith” and hopefully not “Fatty”!) is located right across the street from the Commercial/Broadway skytrain station.  It’s always busy, and there are at least 5 pizzas to choose from for their excellent “by the slice” deal (I think they charge $1.75 for a single, huge slice)!

My mainstay is pepperoni – this particular kind uses large diameter pieces which are generously layed, and just a little zingy.  There’s a decent amount of cheese, but the sauce, which is very tomato-y and tangy.  This piece had sesame seeds on the cheese part (!?!?) whereas they normally are sprinkled on the crust only.

It's big - hard to chow down before taking the bus!

Yup – this helps tide me over to a late super nicely.
Uncle Fatih's Pizza (Broadway) on Urbanspoon

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