After Dim Sum and lots of walking around in “end-of-olympics forever – gotta check out the remaining pavilions before it’s too late”, we were pretty famished  – what’s better to beat that than an AYCE!?

Posh @ Broadway near Granville

We took the #9 bus down Broadway to just after Granville – we always forget exactly where stuff is, but found the stop righ across the street from Posh.  We had tried to get a reservation, but weren’t able to get through the busy signal.  Luckily our good restaurant karma kicked in and although the place was packed and one deuce was ahead of us, we were seated within about 10 minutes.

Posh is pretty nice – with modern dark colours and lots of wood.  They’ve branded everything, from the teapots (which don’t hold tea – but rather water and sukiyaki base) to the cups.

I don’t know what the “303” signifies – or, what the crazy design on their cups represents… kinda weird!

We ordered “Korean Lemon” which was a an excellent “cocktail” to share between the three of us: sake, 7 Up and lemon ($13.88).  This was really refreshing but with a strong kick from the sake.  I enjoyed sipping this throughout the meal from the tiny sake cups.

Korean Lemon

We decided to go for the budget “Signature Sukiyaki Dinner” which was advertised outside for $15.88.  There was an option to “upgrade” to an angus beef version for another $4 dollars, but honestly, when boiling beef, I don’t think it matters much.  Also, we’re big veggie fans, so we’re happy saving our money and opting for more of the free items.

hot pot - loaded with onion & cabbage

Here’s what the beef looks like – very fatty – in a good way.  These are sliced paper thin, and presented by the half-dozen in these ridged boxes.  We ordered a reasonable amount (4 to start, plus later 4 pork, and another 4 or 2..  I can’t remember).  A lot of the tables were ordering so many of these that they measured up 3 or 4 feet high!

Beef - a "reasonable" 4-stack

The hot pot comes to the table with a nice bunch of cabbage and onion already simmering.  I like being in charge of ladling in the items into the pot 🙂  It’s a nice touch that they provide extra chopsticks, a slotted spoon and extra bowls for resting these serving utensils.

Now, you get a few of the following slips to order your meat and veggie – I kept one to better document your options.

Clearly not at Posh: for documentation sake!

Here is our first dish of veggies – enoki mushroom (SO GOOD), nappa and bok choy, tofu puffs, soft tofu, a few fish cake & bamboo shoots for Chris, and an egg for dipping.  The fact that they artfully arrange the dish is another nice touch.

First dish of veggies

The leisurely pace of cooking and eating by the small bowl fulls is something I enjoy tremendously.  Also, getting so many veggies makes you feel less guilty about going out for dinner!

We definitely appreciated that rice is included (we each went through 2 bowls), and you can add noodles to your veggie order to turn the sukiyaki into more of a soup.

We tried the pumpkin and yam this time, which was really good… the vermicelli, zucchini, and (more!) enoki are all super good.  I love it all!  You don’t realize that you’re getting full until you’re like gut-bustin’ full.

Veggie Plate 3?? 4??

The waitresses are pretty attentive, and they don’t judge the strange or plentiful combinations you request.  When the broth gets low, you can top it up yourself using the teapots.  We once ran out of the butane gas canister – which got replaced very quickly.

While we haven’t had a ton of “hot pot” type meals in Vancouver yet – I think that Posh is pretty darn great.

Posh (Kitsilano) on Urbanspoon

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3 Responses to Posh

  1. Sherman says:

    I personally like Posh. Many people don’t like it since it’s not “authentic”. Meh… my friend is Japanese and he likes it despite that. Sometimes we need to get over that and just enjoy the food for what it is. Great value IMO.

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  3. I so wanna go now. It’s on my ‘list’. thanks!

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