We enjoy taking guests out to Timbre on Sunday mornings for their Bluegrass Brunch, because not only is the atmosphere impossible to beat (banjos and bacon – oh my!), but the food at Timbre is definitely “west coast”.

Located on the south-most end of the trendy Commercial Drive, Timbre is not a huge venue.  They still manage to pack in quite a few tables, a gorgeous single-piece douglas fir wood bar, and a stage big enough to fit a band (we once saw 6 musicians crammed in there!).  The place only opens at 11 AM, but, since we were there only a few minutes early, they let us in and gave us our choice of tables – excellent!

The place is hoppin'!

Within about 15 minutes, the place was packed.  Families, hipsters, and people who clearly had come in from a morning jog took over the regular and tall tables.  Our waitress seemed a bit unprepared at first, but quickly caught up providing us with coffee and menus.

Veggie Hash

I wasn’t starved (thanks to the dinner at Posh the previous night), so I ordered the Veggie Hash ($9).  Loaded with very crispy (deep fried?) chunky hashbrowns, zucchini, tomatoes, red pepper, onions, garlic, and mushrooms, the hash was mighty delicious.  I ordered my eggs medium poached – which I mistakenly thought would be set to a custardy-yolk.  Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that “medium poached” usually means a fully runny yolk with a firm white, the eggs turned into more of a sauce or coating for the hash – still good though!  Exotic fruit & toast accompanied my meal.

Corned beef hash

Chris – so true to form – ordered the Corned Beef Hash ($11?).  He’s enjoyed this before, with the beef hash being a good “dry” texture.  Not overly torn apart, the beef has a great texture and is well seasoned.

Ham omelet

David ordered the Ham Omelet ($10), which not only came with ham, but also bacon, cheddar and mozzarella – double pork & double cheese = great!  He liked how the omelet was folded and the doneness of the eggs was how he prefers his omelets.  I concur.

The band that morning was a quartet of talented grey-haired musicians: a banjo player, double bass player, a mandolin player and guitar.  They did a great job and their lively music was a great way to accompany our breakfast.  They do collect “tips” for the musicians – be warned – we usually put in $3 to $5 depending how large a group we have and how long we stay.

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