Cupcakes (again!)

This’ll just be a quickie since I’ve blogged praises for Cupcakes before.  When I suggested that David review this site for ideas for his visit – he zeroed in on Cupcakes and Japadog.  While we were still too full from Timbre to justify a Japadog (and the good folks at Roger’s Chocolates on Granville Island also didn’t help!), we did have room for a cupcake.

Lemon Drop (minus jujube)

David chose a Lemon Drop – which was very lemony indeed.  The cake was bright yellow, and the icing good and sugary.


I chose the Tiramisu, which I’ve never had before… It was okay.  Definitely not my favourite ever:  the “layered” cake wasn’t as moist as others, and the cream cheese icing was very soft (almost mousse like) and none of the flavours were particularly pronounced.

Tiramisu cross section

Nonetheless – Cupcakes are a nice treat 🙂

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