Nishiki Sushi

Pretty tired after a full day of exploring Vancouver, we wanted something easy and nearby for dinner.  The rain had picked up, which really makes me crave warm comforting soup.  We decided on Nishiki Sushi at 49th Avenue & Victoria Drive which is one of our regular places for ramen.

Beef Teriyaki Roll ($3.50) + Spicy Salmon Roll ($3.95)

We started off with a few rolls just to have more variety – we ordered beef teriyaki rolls which are okay, nothing exotic, but definitely beefy in flavour given the generous amount of teriyaki beef they put in.  The spicy salmon roll was a nice contrast, with good salmon, mayo and cucumber and enough spicy sauce to give it a “kick”.

Tempura Ramen ($7.45)

I ordered Tempura Ramen.  I’m glad the tempura is served separately (I hate when the tempura is in the soup and gets soggy).  The broth was very weak this time – so I ended up adding some soy to the soup base.  I like how much veg they put into the ramen – corn, mushroom, lettuce, carrot strips, and some broccoli.

Tempura (2 sweet potato, 2 shrimp)

The tempura on the side is a decent-sized serving with 2 shrimp and 2 large pieces of sweet potato.  Freshly fried, these are hot and crisp.  I find their dipping sauce a bit weak too – maybe they need to crank up the flavour in the sauce/broth department?  It’s not always this way, so maybe I was just unlucky this time!
Nishiki Sushi on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Nishiki Sushi

  1. KimHo says:

    What? No Shima-Ya?? 😛

    Did you have problems taking pictures in that place? For some reason, the layout of the restaurant (viewed from outside) seems to indicate they would be able to spot you as soon as you bring out the camera…

  2. Elaine says:

    I don’t doubt I was noticed, but the pictures above were mostly without flash (I goofed and flashed on the tempura!) They don’t seem to mind though, it seems…

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