Blue Chip Cookies

After a big breakfast of pannekoek, we spent the day exploring UBC – including the excellent Museum of Anthropology, Chris’ department, and the fun Greenheart Canopy Walkway at the botanical gardens.  While we did grab some lunch at UBC, what is really worth blogging about is:

world-famous Blue Chip Cookies!

Now, I’ve read about these – they even make the write-up for UBC in the Maclean’s university report.   This is a student-run enterprise, which is nice.  I was surprised by how small the location was – but I guess most of this is walk-through service given that the stand is in the student centre.

What to choose?

I was in a spicy mood, so I ordered a medium chai (which they did well) and a Ginger Spice cookie.

Ginger Spice

As promised, the cookie was big, soft, and very good.


Chris ordered the “Marbelicious” which is a riff on the actual name of the Marbelous cookie: a dark chocolate cookie with a full slab of white chocolate melted on top.  He’s a big fan.

Smarties Cookie

David chose the Smarties cookie, which he enjoyed a lot too… he did mention that the smarties were breaking (all the more reason to eat this faster!).

I understand that cookies are “weighed” and sold by the gram (like drugs???) but most were about the same size, so I’m not sure what the deal is here.  For my medium chai and Ginger Spice cookie, I paid $5.10 – not bad!

Blue Chip Cookies on Urbanspoon

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