Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe

So if Monday is AYCE Ribs night, then Tuesday MUST be BOGO Pannekoek day!

We headed over to the Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe via Canada Line (it’s right between King Edward and Broadway/City Hall) – walked a bit, which, honestly, was a good primer for our breakfast.

As promised, the deal is pretty good – buy one, get one half-off.  This also applies to all their fancy pannekoeks which you need to “order by number”.


David got the #9 Apple & Cheddar Pannekoek.  True to its name, it had apple rings (still firm, not fully cooked) and cheddar sprinkled on top of the pannekoek.  The pannekoek (which, by the way, is screwing up my spellchecker!) had some bits of apple cooked in the batter.  It’s served with Stroop – which is not an 80’s rock band – but rather a thick traditional Dutch syrup.  David liked this dish and was mightily impressed with the dimensions of the pannekoek!

Apple & Cheddar Pannekoek ($12.15)

I went with #14 Bahmi Goreng Pannekoek (spellcheck going crazy right about now!) which comes with “spicy” peanut sauce and a side salad.   This is an awesome meal, because:

Bahmi Goreng Pannekoek ($12.40)

Not only do you get salad – FOR BREAKFAST, but you get noodle stir fry IN YOUR PANCAKE!  So weird, so good.

Peaking under the cover...

I love this, especially with the scrambled egg on top.  I finished everything (except the sambal, which did get used up quite a bit).

Finally – for the uninitiated, here’s the menu’s numerically-focused description of “de pannekoek” for your reference.  I strongly endorse the BOGO special – very reasonable to have breakfast with this price incentive.

Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe

  1. KimHo says:

    I am not sure how enticed I would be of eating carb on carb… Sorry, I am a meat eater and I need some with the food! 😀

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