Japadog – Oroshi

With company in town, you have to take them to all the tried & true places in Vancouver: dim sum, sushi, and – of course, Japadog!

Having already blogged about Japadog, not once but twice, I’ll leave the specifics out.

Why is it always raining when I go to Japadog?

I asked while standing in the (short) lineup when the shop was opening up…  They said next month (which contradicts their old sign which read “mid-November” and their website which read “mid-February”).

I tried the Oroshi today, which I hadn’t had before.  I’m a big fan of grated radish + soy that you get at robata places, so I was excited to try this.

Taste-wise this was very good – the generous about of daikon made the topping very noticeable.  I liked this a lot, though could have added even more soy.

I suggested that my brother try the korubata terimayo – it is archetypal Japadog.  I don’t think he liked it very much – I’m not sure how to interpret “well it’s different”!  I’d rank the 3 that I’ve had, in order, as Terimayo, Oroshi, then the Okonomi.

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