Memphis Blues Barbecue House

My last day of work prior to a 4-day vacation was a doozy… updating the work website, getting a bunch of stuff ready for our big meeting, working with the auditors, doing reference checks for a potential new hire – yikes.  By the end of the day, I was tired, cranky, and ready for some comfort food.  Chris suggested Memphis Blues which was a great idea.

The place was pretty busy for a Monday night, but within about 5 minutes of getting there a table cleared up for us. I don’t recall if they were playing blues, but there was hockey on the TV’s (WHL) and the place had a good busy vibe.

Excellent Restaurant Karma!

The special on Monday night is an all you can eat ribs & fries deal for $20.  Chris & David chose that, but I wasn’t in the mood for that.  I briefly considered the BBQ Poutine, but changed my mind this time – has anyone had the poutine here before?

Instead, I chose the very reasonable BBQ Brisket on Greens ($9).  This was an excellent choice, with a big helping of juicy brisket, BBQ sauce, a nice piece of cornbread, and well dressed green salad (not collard greens – which I found mushy and “wet” here previously).  I must have had about 1/4 to 1/3 of a pound of meat in this dish – it was perfectly cooked with just enough melting fat to keep it juicy.  The crust of the brisket was particularly good with lots of nice char taste.

BBQ Brisket on Greens

The guys, as mentioned above, had the Ribs & Fries ($20).  Each finished the first platter, then ordered a smaller second platter of either just ribs, or ribs with a small amount of fries.  The ribs looked good and the guys really liked them.  They weren’t gummy with sauce, which is a refreshing change from the goopy ones you get at Chili’s or elsewhere.  I do love their fries – I swear they put garlic butter or something on them to make them addictive like crack!

AYCE Ribs & Fries - Mondays only!

Since I finished my meal while they were having seconds, I decided to have a piece of pie as desert.  They make their Peach Pie ($4.25) in house, and offer it warm with caramel-bourbon sauce.  I threw in the towel and got it “a la mode” ($1.50 more) with quite good vanilla ice cream.  The pie had a nutty top – unlike anything I’ve had before – but it was good.  The sauce wasn’t very boozy, which is too bad – it was also super thick and not served warm… I guess I was hoping for soupier sauce like what you normally get on bread pudding,  Still, not a bad way to end supper.

Homemade Peach Pie - A la mode!

Crazy full, we waddled back home…  The visit/feasting continues!
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