Cafe Crepe

For a lunch-time desert (I *am* on vacation after all!) I thought it would be nice to try Cafe Crepe on Granville.  Now, there are two on Granville with nary a block between them,  we chose the one that is further towards the bridge.

It was about 2 PM when we visited (on a weekday) and the place was pretty dead.  The only other customers were a pair of girls who were sharing a pitcher of beer.  We got seated at a nice red booth, and were given menus.  I asked for a dry (single) cappuccino ($3.25) and was pleasantly surprised by how good and thick they were able to make the foam.

As for crepes:

Applesauce & Cinnamon

I chose a fairly simple one – with applesauce and cinnamon ($5.35) – which, by the way, was $0.30 more than the plain applesauce one.

Sadly, not much to look at...

The crepe itself was good, with a wonderfully elastic though also crisp texture and a hint of eggy sweetness, but the filling wasn’t really that noticeable.  The cinnamon had very little “punch” and was obviously not fresh-ground, and the applesauce was very plain.  The fact that the waitress said that their “mixed fruit crepe” came with Del Monte-style fruit salad mix, I should have been expecting a Mott’s Applesauce filling!

Dark chocolate & Banana

David chose more wisely and went with a Dark Chocolate & Banana crepe ($6.35).  First of all it looked more substantial with the chunks of banana adding volume to the folded crepe.  The dark chocolate itself didn’t melt totally, but did seem pretty evenly dispersed.

Yum - this one looks good!

So – given that the Dona Cata lunch cost us $20, I found that these two crepes, plus the cappuccino and a can of coke (literally – they served David a can, plus a glass & two straws – nice presentation folks for $2.50!) I felt that this was not good value per dollar.  The presentation was “meh” and the quality of the ingredients is – given the admission of using canned fruit cocktail – suspect (maybe those beer-swilling girls knew something we didn’t).

Cafe Crepe on Urbanspoon

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