Go Fish Ocean Emporium

Last lunch with David in town, and it should definitely be memorable!  Given that he hasn’t had that much seafood during his visit, I thought going back to Granville Island and getting good fish “on the cheap” while enjoying the glorious sun would be a perfect way to enjoy Vancouver.

We got there at about 1 PM and the place was busy.  We put our orders in, selecting things from the regular menu, and stalked out a table.

Order at the side, pick up at the front

We were able to grab a table from a lady who just finished her own lunch, then sat down to wait the few minutes while food was prepared.

Shortly, we were called to the “pass” and picked up our food.  I had ordered the char-grilled wild Pacific Salmon, with side-strip shrimp mayo, Japanese style pickled cucumbers and Organic Greens ($9).  I don’t know about the shrimpy mayo, but this was about as colourful and prettily presented as you can get on a paper plate!

Salmon sandwich

The salmon was perfectly cooked, flaky and very juicy.  I really enjoyed the pickled cucumbers, which were just quickly pickled english cuke slices covered in the spice mix you get for ramen.  Something I will definitely try to replicate at home.

EXTREME CLOSEUP - Salmon Sandwich

David ordered the one-piece cod fish & chips ($7.50) which actually ended up being two pieces, with fresh, home-cut fries, a mild tartar sauce and their signature coleslaw.  Super hot from just being in the fryer, everything was great and very fresh.  The fish was also much more “normal” in shape than the one Kim got a few weeks ago!  I also got to enjoy some of the fries as David’s steamer basket (in which they serve to-stay fish & chips) was quite full.

"1 piece" Cod Fish & Chips

One more note about their coleslaw – I really like the sesame dressing they use.  I think it is one of the better slaws (with Bandidas a close second) that I’ve tried in Vancouver.

A final comment about Go Fish – while I think their food is fantastic, and the experience of eating dock-side a unique one, I feel that the dinner-esque attitude “service” that some of the staff have is not necessarily warranted.  I appreciate they are busy, but having customers do all of the pick up, clean up and other service benefits from having polite instructions.  Being told “all the forks and things are over there” without a gesture or giving a cue with their eyes and a nod makes the service come through as rude.  But I digress, as I think on both occasions that I’ve been here it was only one person specifically whose approach made me cringe – others are perfectly polite and helpful.


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