It seems from this blog that all I do is eat, or cook, or read about food!  While that is a significant portion of my day-to-day life, I do have other hobbies, like quilting!

My friends, and now family, are having kids – so I’ve been making baby quilts for each of our close friends.

To date, I’ve made 3 hand-stitched “quilts” of the following kind:

Tanner Quilt #2

Tanner Quilt #2 (rolled up)

Tanner Quilt #1

Tanner Quilt #1 (back)

Ross Quilt


As you can see in the last picture, what I’ve done is hand-stitch around every one of the big shapes on the fabric, which goes through the batting, and into the “neutral” coloured back fabric (I went with something bolder for the Tanner Quilt #2 – which I think worked really well).  The piping/edge is always tricky – I think my best one was the Ross Quilt re: piping.

The most recent project for my cousin’s brand new baby was a super fast machine-sewed flannel quilt.  I’d never worked with flannel before, and it’s quite nice, but I think it’s better suited to machine quilting.

Vaillancourt Quilt

(I am not good at measuring, so the background fabric provided the “lines”).  Since this is the first baby in my maternal side of the family, I also made a few bibs with some of the colour coordinated fabric I had in the house!

Bib 1 & Bib 2 on rolled quilt

I used this website for instructions – though, again, the piping is very difficult to do.


You can get iron-on vinyl adhesive that you can put onto some fabrics (not flannel) – I was very impressed with this product.  I am happy with my newest project, especially with the colours and patterns, and with the fact that I got both the quilt and the bibs done in about 6 hours of hard-core sewing!  I hope my cousin, and the new baby, love these!

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