Rogers Chocolates

Having had a reasonable-sized lunch at Go Fish, I felt desert was in order (like I said – I’m on vacation!).  We have previously wandered into Rogers Chocolates on another visit to Granville Island and were thrilled that they provide a full chocolate as a sample to visitors – this is damn good stuff too – good quality, well tempered chocolate with interesting fillings.  I have to say that I prefer the more traditional presentation to the chocolates which have uber-glossy plaquettes, but that’s my personal preference.

Amidst the boxes and front case of truffles, there is a small ice cream freezer with about 8 kinds of in house specialty ice creams.  Again, free samples are provided (though these typical sized samples on mini plastic spoons).  I thought the mint cookie one would be good, but the mint flavour was a bit too strong for me.  I ended up with a more gently-flavoured Cookie Monster cone.

"1 scoop" Cookie Monster Ice Cream cone ($3.99)

Yes folks – this is a 1 scoop – though, clearly there are two scoops – SCORE! 🙂  The ice cream was nice and rich with no ice crystals in it at all (which means that it is fresh and its temperature has been held cold).  From my previous experience with ice cream making, I’d say this was probably made with custard, but it’s not as rich as my homemade stuff.  The Cookie Monster ice cream features a subtle caramel flavour, with small chunks of vanilla cookie and a fudge swirl.  It’s good with nice textures but without the chock-full-of-stuff craziness that many kid-geared ice cream aims for.

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