Takara Bune

After a week of going out for every single meal (minus one day of spaghetti at home, and one night where we ordered in pizza) I had every intention to go on a short restaurant break… But, after running some errands in New West, we were pretty tired and decided to stop for dinner at Takara Bune on Victoria Drive near 49th Avenue.

This is a Japanese-owned restaurant, with lots of authentic touches from the use of blonde wood to the wood-block print flags (one of which we have an identical copy at home from our visit to Ginza in Tokyo).  I was particularly fond of the little toothpick holder that was on the sushi bar where we sat.


Using the Steven Shaw approach, I thought it would be most appropriate to order the Assorted Sushi, which includes 8 pieces of seasonal sushi, plus one tuna roll.  Quickly prepared by the head sushi chef (the “ichiban” as I’m learning in my newest book).  With very generous pieces of fish, the sushi was very nicely cut and presented.  It was actually a treat to watch my meal be prepared just a few feet away.

Assorted Sushi ($13.50)

Chris ordered an order of veggie tempura which included pumpkin, sweet potato, yam, regular potato, carrot, mushroom, green pepper, broccoli, and even asparagus.  The decoration on top is of noodles with a small nori tie, also deep fried!

Vegetable Tempura ($7.50)

Since this wouldn’t be enough for a full meal, Chris also got the BBQ Mackerel (Saba) which did take a while to prepare (but the servers made sure to keep him informed about when it was coming, etc.)  Even though the fish was not a full filet, it was a decent size and came with the standard (and yummy) side of grated daikon.  It was well prepared, with a nice salty crust, but still juicy and tender meat.

BBQ Saba (Mackerel) ($5.25)

We definitely enjoyed this meal and will try to frequent Takara Bune more often!

Takarabune Japanese on Urbanspoon

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