Fets Pasta Bar & Grill

We’ve had a rough week… So, what better way to enjoy a sunny Saturday than to go gorge ourselves on burgers in the cool Commercial Drive area to help kick the blues away?

I always thing it's called "Fetz"

We skipped breakfast, so a big lunch was definitely in order.  We had enjoyed burgers at Fets‘ before, and thought this was a good place to get some grub.  While the restaurant was pretty empty, we were put all the way at the back at a high-top banquette (did I look as bad as I felt?) but still, we did get fairly attentive service, so it was okay.


We looked over the menus for quite a while, but decided to stick with the original plan of burgers.  We also had two coffees to whet/wet our appetite (choosing to forgo the wide assortments of scotch 🙂 ).  We put in our order, then tried to avert our eyes from the Poker News Updates that was being shown on TV. I mean, there’s a lot of weird art and stuff on the walls, but for some reason Poker TV is mesmerizing in how bad it is.

Swiss Mushroom Burger ($13)

I ordered the Swiss Mushroom Burger with fries.  I apologize for the incredibly blurry picture – I think my camera focused on the fries at the back 😦  The burgers at Fets’ are really good, hand-made patties with lots of seasoning (in fact, you can buy their Bayoo spice mix – or whatever it’s called – at the front of the restaurant).   So, yes, a big, perfectly well seasoned and cooked burger patty on a nicely toasted bun provided an excellent foundation.  The swiss cheese wasn’t very strong-flavoured, so it didn’t really add too much other than a gluing property for the mushrooms.  But the mushrooms – they were juicy, buttery and still had a toothsome texture.  Lettuce, tomato and red onions were all fresh, and the pickle spear was nice and sour.  Really though, the mushrooms were the star here.

Stacked Texan Burger ($14)

Chris chose the Stacked Texan Burger which had loads of sauteed onions, cheddar, and crispy bacon.  He also commented on how good the burger itself was.  I think we might have found our favourit burger in town in fact, so far.

One thing that was a bit disappointing was that the fries weren’t seasoned immediately out of the fryer.  They were good, thick-cut fries, so all they needed was a bit of salt and pepper to jazz them up and they would have been perfect.

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