Eating @ SFU: Highland Pub

So what do you when your lunch goes bad in the fridge?  Patronize the student pub!

While the Highland Pub is not necessarily the fastest lunch, the food options are quite impressive for a pub, with lots of salads, rice bowls, and sandwiches to add to the regular burgers and nachos.  In my experience of student-run establishments (which, given my line of work, is pretty extensive) I find Highland Pub to have pretty darn good service, and good-sized servings where they don’t cheap out on the “good stuff”, but – probably as a result – do charge a bit more for the food.

Yam Fries

On this particular lunch outing, I got my food to go.  I like that they used pressed cardboard instead of styrofoam!  I ordered a Chicken Club Wrap ($10.99) and upgraded my fries to Yam Fries for an extra $2.49.  I was a bit surprised when my total came to over $14 including tax, but that’s just me clearly not doing math in my head.

The portion for the yam fries was pretty generous – with the fries being more like quarters of yams that had been baked then fried a bit.  They were cooked through nicely, and seasoned well, but because the pieces were so big, there was a lot more starchiness to them than I’m used to with fries like this.  I’d either cut them smaller or fry them more (or in hotter oil) to achieve a more crispy texture.  The tamarind aioli really tastes more like balsamic aioli (maybe things have changed since the menu was last printed?), but it was good and went well with the sweetness of the yams no matter what flavour it was!

Chicken Wrap

The chicken wrap was well made (i.e. not squashed or messy) with a good portion of grilled chicken breast, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese that you could actually taste.  Lettuce and tomato were there too, but I couldn’t really taste the black-peppercorn mayo that was promised in the menu description.  Maybe I’m just accustomed to the really rich full-fat kind that I splurge on at home 🙂

In short, a good, filling meal that’s a lot healthier than most pub food.

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