Cupcakes – Part 3?

We had a wonderful day on Saturday!  The sun was shining, everything was going our way!  What can you get to improve your mood even more?  A CUPCAKE!

Oh Yes!

We were on Broadway in Kitsilano, so I pretty much made a bee line to Cupcakes (that is, after having first visited my favourite store in the area: Stepback).  I was initially looking for the peanut buttery Buttercup but alas they change flavours monthly and it was gone.  However, they did have a cupcake that features bacon!

Oh Canada Cupcake - Maple cake, maple buttercream icing

$2.95 later, the cupcake was mine!  The maple based cake was excellent with a very strong maple flavour.  It was moist, but not fall-apart moist either.  The icing was soft, very sweet and with less-pronounced maple flavouring, which is good, because it should distinguish itself from the cake.  It was very well pipped without a “gap” in the twirled centre.


But the kicker folks:  Bacon.  Oh yes – this recalls (mis)adventures in Red Deer where bacon was added liberally and without prejudice to any food item!  The bacon here was very crispy, presented naturally (not candied or anything) and went extremely well with the maple.  Total success.

Cupcakes on Urbanspoon

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