Eating @ SFU: Veggie Lunch

What can $5 buy these days?  Sure, off the hill, you can probably get a few Bahn Mi, or a yummy bowl of noodles, but with the captive audience at SFU, there are few real food bargains to be found.

Enter the SFU Veggie Lunch:

This plate is *heavy*

Almost operating like a secret society, every Tuesday and Wednesday, a man (whom you can read about more about here) sets up in the area below the coffee shop in the Maggie Benston Centre with a set selection of food items and a bunch of books about vegetarianism on display.  The lunch technically operates on a donation basis, but everyone brings in $5 at least for the meal.

So, what do you get for $5 here?

  • A big scoop of rice that is fragrant, though a bit chewy,
  • Two veggie curries (today was chickpeas and zucchini in a mild tomato/bean sauce, and a potato and green pea curry that was very well seasoned with lots of yellow curry and turmeric),
  • A big spoonful of sweet halva (which I think is made with corn flour, raisins); and,
  • A huge piece of spice cake with a light frosting.
  • Oh, and you also get a cup of drink, which is like a cold hibiscus/rosehip and ginger tea.

Please note: I bring my own plate, so this may be a bit bigger than what you get if you use a disposable one there, but still, this is a huge amount of food, and technically it’s an “all you can eat”.

While I have no illusions that this is a “get food and eat” set up, it is a bit weird to experience this yourself.  The lack of interaction between the diners and the dude who makes/serves the food adds to the mystique perhaps, but I personally feel more at ease enjoying my lunch elsewhere.  In short, yes, this is a good lunch, and I feel good about choosing a vegetarian option and supporting this unique, though a bit wacky, arrangement at SFU.

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3 Responses to Eating @ SFU: Veggie Lunch

  1. Duncan says:

    CRAZY AWESOME! That is a fantastic and healthy tradition on campus. I’m jealous.

  2. Jessica says:

    Enchanting! i love potato pea curry! So tuesdays and wednesdays he’s at SFU…I wonder if he is elsewhere other days of the week!

  3. omg this brings back memories for me! they STILL have this I see. I gradded 2007, nostalgia is setting in.

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