Weekends usually mean breakfast out for the Parker household, and with dishes piled high in the sink, this past Saturday was no time to break with tradition!

We headed out to IHOP (or “International House of Pancakes” for those who still call Kentucky Fried Chicken and other acronyms by their full names) out on Kingsway just past Metropolis in Burnaby.  We didn’t have much time before an early appointment, and IHOP did a good job meeting our short timeline.

We were offered coffees immediately as we sat down, which is a good policy in my books.  I dig their monogramed dishware – so retro!  I also like that they provide you a carafe of coffee for instant refills, and while I understand that cuts down on the work for waiters, I think this is a good place to let customers DIY.

Cute coffee cup 🙂

Chris & I both ordered the Pancake combo, which at under $9, is a bargain: two eggs, two sausage or bacon, hashbrowns and two fancy pancakes (or plain ones if you’re boring 🙂  ).

Pancake Combo

I got scrambled with bacon for my combo.  Much like their omelets, IHOP puts a bit of pancake batter in their egg mix which is kind of good.  It definitely increases the volume of scrambled eggs which are usually puny looking.  And while the bacon looks a little fatty, rest assured it was nicely cooked and quite crispy.  I personally prefer chunky hashbrowns (if, for no other reason than they’re easier to eat!) but these were alright.

Pancakes from the pancake combo (Strawberry banana)

Being a bit opposed to mixing sweet and savoury, I put off eating my pancakes (which came in a separate plate) until the end – like a breakfast desert!  The two fluffy pancakes were topped with strawberry sauce, chunks of banana and a huge cloud of whipped cream.  I removed most of the whipped cream and was very happy with how good the pancakes and sauces worked together.  I’ve never had bad pancakes at IHOP, and frankly I’ve had AMAZING pancakes there (Gingerbread pancakes – so yum!)… These pancakes would definitely go into the amazing stack!

Syrup medley

While I didn’t feel a need to add more sweetness I enjoy the variety of syrups they provide – the Butter Pecan one is particularly good for table syrup.

As mentioned above, we were kind of rushed, so appreciated the quick service and ability to eat and get going within about 30 minutes.

International House of Pancakes (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

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