Lam Hoa Quan

We ran a few errands after work this past work and decided that we did not feel like leftovers for dinner, instead Chris wisely suggested we get some Pho which would be a lighter, delicious dinner.  We drove up Victoria, not sure what would be open for supper, and found Lam Hoa Quan:

That’s my only picture guys, sorry!  Check out Kim’s pictures from a previous visit for some beauty shots!

Chris order a #1 House Special Beef Noodle Soup, and I ordered #5, Rare and Well Done Beef Noodle Soup.  For $7 each, we were sure we were going to get good value, if nothing else.

The waitress, a very friendly, chatty girl with a super cute “chick” trucker hat, was fantastic seeing after us.  She informed us that the soup style here was Northern Vietnamese, whereas most Pho in the city is Southern style.  The broth of the soup did indeed taste different, with less clove/star anise and more black pepper and ginger.  I frankly liked this style better.  Our server also noted that her dad has been working on the soup for years, and it was a dream of his to have a beef noodle soup restaurant.  They even get some of their spices imported from Vietnam!

Everything was fresh, very tasty and well seasoned.  I really enjoyed this meal, and wish I would have taken pictures for you guys!  We’ll definitely be back!

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