The Brave Bull

When it’s raining cats and dogs, we decided The Brave Bull could take care of dinner!   We’d seen this place on Hastings & Clark while running errands, and even chatted with Sherman & Kim about it when we had dinner across the road at Axum but hadn’t had the opportunity to visit it yet.

And while the outside is dated, nothing prepared me for the amazing retro throwback of a cushioned pleather bar wall.

c. 1985 indeed! 🙂

Honestly, while I was a bit awe-struck, it took all of 2 seconds to fall in love with this place, thanks to Linda, the adorable, sweet owner/server who greeted us with delight as we told her that this was our first time at The Brave Bull.

We chose our seats near a window (and a pink flamingo lawn ornament) and read over the menu (while eavesdropping on the 3 hipster kids who had remarkably similar interests to ours!).  We both wanted steak, so we ordered the following:

Rib Steak dinner ($14.95)

Chris is a big fan of the Rib Steak.  He says the rib provides a bunch of flavour without having the trouble/potential loss of meat with at T-Bone.  He ordered his steak rare, and chose the clam chowder starter and the baked potato side.  He enjoyed his selections very much.

New York Steak dinner ($14.95)

I personally don’t enjoy having to deal with cutting around bones at all when a butcher can do a way better job than I ever will.  I chose the New York Strip Steak which was pretty big at nearer to  12 oz than the listed 10.  I originally asked for it medium-well, which Linda guilt-tripped me into changing to “medium”.

"Medium" edges, centre got more pink

(I also asked for rice pilaf but got a baked potato – I’ll also chalk that up to Linda deciding what would be a better choice 🙂 ).  The steak was very good, and I was very happy with the full meal.

We also overheard another couple who were just finishing supper – it was apparently their anniversary (and clearly one in the high-double digits); he had gotten her a card, and she forgot, so she had to take him out to dinner at The Brave Bull. They teased one another about it, then bid Linda farewell until next week.  It’s amazing that a little restaurant like this can become so much a part of people’s lives.

It was a leisurely-paced dinner, which suited us fine.  The attention and care that Linda put in to making sure we had a good time was so touching.  We’ll come back 🙂

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3 Responses to The Brave Bull

  1. KimHo says:

    Yes, Brave Bull’s is one of those places with a je ne sais quoi in it. Sure, located not a glamorous part of town and it looks really worn down but the experience is unique in its own ways.

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  3. Brave Bull says:

    This East Vancouver institution is closing its doors forever .

    Linda and Frank are finally RETIRING AFTER 27 YEARS!! Last day for restaurant business is Sunday, September 2, 2012.

    SALE STARTS MONDAY – LABOUR DAY SEPT. 3, 2012 — 12:00 NOON to 5:00 PM – SELLING RESTAURANT EQUIPMENT , SUPPLIES, tables, chairs, decorations, utensils, glasses, cups, plates, freezers, AND MORE . Come and check it out.


    or JUST DROP BY AND WISH Frank & Linda luck in their GOLDEN YEARS!! They would LOVE TO SEE YOU, TOO.

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