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Budgie Burritos

As some of you know, we were moving this past month – which partially explains the lack of posts & reviews of late.  This doesn’t mean we haven’t been eating out – au contraire! We’ve had no energy to cook, … Continue reading

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Still Alive!

We’re just busy hosting guests, getting ready to move and beating a cold. New posts expected next week!

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Eating @ SFU: Mr. Sub wrap

I’m a pretty big fan of Mr. Sub usually.  The choices are just as good as at Subway and the prices are better (they also have green olives which I’m a huge fan of in general). Today, being a bit … Continue reading

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Swiss Chalet

It has been a busy month – I’m sorry for not posting as often!  This post is mostly out of blog-ignoring guilt, and partially in celebration of the location of our new rental house near(er) to a Swiss Chalet. We … Continue reading

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Elephant Walk Pub

After the exciting victory of Montreal over Washington, we decided that some celebratory pub food was in order.  We drove over to 41st and Fraser (though, honestly we should have taken the bus).  The place is big and it was … Continue reading

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Qoola (fro yo!)

I love the words “Fro Yo” so much! Okay – so after a rough night out with friends, I was all about small meals to help restore electrolytes, hydration, etc. Chris & I were at Metrotown and I looked up … Continue reading

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Tim Horton’s new “soft bun”

There has been much buzz in our household about the new “soft bun” touted at Timmies.  Being big fans of the chain in general, I was surprised to hear that there was a problem to contend with regarding their sandwich … Continue reading

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