Tim Horton’s new “soft bun”

There has been much buzz in our household about the new “soft bun” touted at Timmies.  Being big fans of the chain in general, I was surprised to hear that there was a problem to contend with regarding their sandwich bread.  It was always decent, and while there were a few over-toasting issues when they first started grilling the bread for sandwiches, I never found the buns “hard” (though, the little rolls they used to offer with soup are a *totally* different story – uhg!)

Is softer better?

Thanks to Chris’ cooking initiative we had some very good food this week to help make sure we brought lunches from home.  But by Thursday, I thought it was high time to try this fancy new carb, so off to Timmies @ SFU for a ham & swiss sandwich combo!

It's definitely "less bread-y"

What do I think?  Well, it is a wider bun, and “less tall” too, which, overall reduces the amount of bread you get in a single bite.  The crust was almost the same texture as the centre, which I didn’t care for much.  I personally like the crispier bread.  I had even asked for this toasted, but yet the crust was very plain.  The taste of the bread is about the same, and it does “feel” like a larger sandwich now that it’s wider, but overall, I think this wasn’t a win for Timmies.

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8 Responses to Tim Horton’s new “soft bun”

  1. Sherman says:

    I also had the new softer bun recently. It’s better than the old bun for sure; but I still don’t like it that much. Maybe I’m just used to Subway/Quizno’s bread. But then again, I love Vietnamese Banh Mi crusty bread even more.

  2. Lee says:

    I hate the new bun! tried it once will never buy again! I want my crusty bun back!

    • Elaine says:

      Lee – you are a person with conviction!
      I felt the same way when Subway stopped cutting the channel down the centre of the bread – bring the “classic cut” back!

      I hope they’ll work it out or offer a few extra options (e.g. a “baguette” version which would more closely resemble the old bread). I also would love if more places would offer a real pumpernickel bread for sandwiches.

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  4. C says:

    Hey Lee. Do what I do after trying that disgusting thing they call a bun. Order your favorite sandwich on the soup rolls. They actually will do it. Working in an ambulance the turkey bacon club was my favorite meal break sandwich. They’ll do two soup rolls for a regular sandwich or three for the large. I love my bread/buns crust and chewy on the outside and was glad to be able to still get my sandwich. Its too bad they didnt offer the old style bun ALONG with a choice for a softer one if thats what you like.

  5. Jake says:

    Tim Horton’s new operating motto seems to be ‘to hell with the customer’. We’re going to make our new buns cheaper….

    Kinda reminds me of the ‘New Coca Cola’ fiasco

    No more sandwiches for me until the ‘classic’ bun appears as an option.

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