Qoola (fro yo!)

I love the words “Fro Yo” so much!

Okay – so after a rough night out with friends, I was all about small meals to help restore electrolytes, hydration, etc.

Chris & I were at Metrotown and I looked up to see the Qoola stand on the top floor near the bus loop.  I had wanted to try this particular fro yo stand since I just missed the opening of one in Edmonton.  I figured this would be a perfect snack to keep the hangover at bay!

Original + pineapple + mango, raspberry & random-berry syrups ($2.80)

My lack of coordination resulted in a messy looking pile of Original fro yo, with a few scoops of pineapple tidbits, and a bit of fruit syrup.  The cup is pretty huge, so this looks like a tiny amount, but it was honestly a nice little snack-sized serving.  At under $3, I thought the price was okay.

I really liked the tangy flavour of the fro yo, it would have been tasty on its own, and went particularly well with the fruit toppings.  I wished they had more fresh toppings though – the candy and dry sprinkles were plentiful, but there was almost nothing out (literally!) for fruit.  I mentioned it to the clerk who rang up my order – he offered to put more stuff out, but I was fine.  I would also appreciate better labeling for the fruit section – when pieces are tiny, one could mistake honeydew for kiwi, etc.  (mmmm… kiwi fro yo would be delicious!).

“Fro Yo” count: 6!

Qoola Frozen Yogurt + Fruit (Metrotown) on Urbanspoon

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