Swiss Chalet

It has been a busy month – I’m sorry for not posting as often!  This post is mostly out of blog-ignoring guilt, and partially in celebration of the location of our new rental house near(er) to a Swiss Chalet.

We were big Swiss Chalet supporters in Edmonton, and would often take out the “Family Pack” for a supper/lunch leftover combo (1 whole chicken, 4 sides*, large sauce, 4 buns).  In Vancouver, the Swiss Chalets are few and far between, so we haven’t had the chance to go often.

1/4 chicken (w. white meat "upgrade) $9.19

I wanted “just” a quarter chicken meal, which comes with 1 side and a roll.  It also comes with Chalet Sauce which is addictive like crack, and now comes in a paper cup for a “roll-up-the-rim” style contest called “Dip-and-Win” (we both “dip-and-lost” 😦 ).

Chalet Sauce (oops - flash went off!)

The chicken itself was good; moist despite being white meat, and with flavourful skin thanks to the spice rub they use.

The fries at Swiss Chalet are a polarizing thing – you either love or hate them.  They’re a bit tougher than most places, but the skin-on style is something I really like.  I don’t think these would be good on their own or with ketchup, but with the Chalet Sauce, it’s a very good combination.  I think the bun is a sad, dense, and overly chewy little carbohydrate brick – I prefer the multigrain bun, but frankly I should just remember to tell the server just to pass on it.

Service, I should mention, is okay.  The servers are generally keeping a good eye on the table and bring out the food quickly, but they aren’t particularly friendly or chatty which I think is a shame in a family-oriented restaurant.  Also, I found it a bit strange to have off-shift servers count out cash tips at the table next to where we were sitting… I’ve never experienced that in a larger restaurant and found it a bit awkward…  Maybe it’s just me, but it was distracting.

Anyhow, now that we are going to live closer, take out is once again an option.  I think this is honestly the best of both worlds – good food with the comfort of home (and, frankly, cheaper prices!).

*the salad and veggie sides come in remarkably good-quality plastic oval containers (better than Gladware) which we happily reuse!

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill (Lougheed Hwy) on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Swiss Chalet

  1. jenn c. says:

    $9.19 for a quarter chicken white? wow…prices have really gone up since i stopped working at swiss chalet..!


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